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    Annual Ranger Muster

    June 24 - June 28

    TENTATIVE ITINERARY for Annual Ranger Muster 24-28 June 2024
    MONDAY 24 June 24
    1200-1500 75th RR – Helocast and BBQ (Victory Pond)
    1800 USARA Ranger & Guest Meet & Greet (Downtown Marriot, Chattahoochee Room)
    TUESDAY 25 June 24
    1430-1600 75th RR – ACFT [Best Squad] (Ft. Moore)
    0630-UTC O Course [Best Squad] (Ft. Moore)
    1300-UTC Best Shot Competition (Ft. Moore)
    1300-UTC Best Medic Competition (Ft. Moore)
    1300-UTC Best Machine Gun Team (Ft. Moore)
    1300-UTC M4 Zero/Qual [Best Squad] (Ft. Moore)
    1100-1230 75th RR – Gold Star Family Luncheon (TBA, Invitation Only)
    1800 RHOF Dinner (National Infantry Museum)
    WEDNESDAY 26 June 24
    0630-UTC 75th RR- Ruck March, Land NAV [Best Squad] (Ft. Moore)
    ~1000 USARA RHOF Presentation by Gary Dolan (Downtown Marriott)
    1000 State of the 75th Regiment Brief (McGinnis Wickham Memorial Auditorium/Marshall Hall/Bld4)
    1100 Distinguished and Honorary Members of the Regiment (McGinnis Wickham Memorial Auditorium/Marshall Hall/Bld4)
    1300-1500 RHOF Ceremony (McGinnis Wickham Memorial Auditorium/Marshall Hall/Bld4)
    1300-UTC 75th RR – Combatives Prelims (TBA) (Ft. Moore)
    1800 USARA President’s Dinner (Bo Bartlet Center)
    THURSDAY 27 June 24
    0600 75th RR – Endurathon (TBA) (Ft. Moore)
    1000-1100 VA Brief- John Bartow (Downtown Marriot)
    1100-1200 75th RR – Rangers Scholarship Fund Award Ceremony (Atrium of 75th RR – RHQ)
    1300-1330 Ranger for Life Brief – Mike Hall (Downtown Marriot)
    1345-1415 Ranger Scholarship Fund Presentation (Downtown Marriot)
    1430 UTC WAR Board and General Meeting (Downtown Marriot, Chattahoochee Room)
    1630-UTC 75th RR – Family Event/Combatives Finals and Awards (Uptown Columbus)
    ~1800 75thRRA Social Event (DoubleTree)
    FRIDAY 28 June 24
    0900 75th RR – CoC (McGinnis Wickham Memorial Auditorium/Marshall Hall/Bld4)
    1000 75th RR -Reception (TBA)



    June 24
    June 28