Ranger Wives Go the Distance At 2022 Palmetto 200 Ultra Relay
    March 26, 2022
    WE DID ITTTTTTT! 200 miles across the Palmetto State. Over daunting hills and down miles of highway, through forests in the dead of the night, strange sounds and headlamp malfunctions, through yapping packs of dogs and lots of roadkill, a hot mid-day sun that nearly took out one of our runners and an expertly administered IV, countless ounces of water and endless trips to the porta-potties, switched legs and teammates gutting out grueling runs, lots of common sense advice and unwavering support from our seriously awesome pit crews (to include 10 buddy miles for one of our guys!), an open drawbridge that caused a mid-leg stall, serious wind gusts and big bridges – WE DID IT! There was never any doubt that we wouldn’t because that’s not how this crew rolls, but it was so, so cool to see sheer grit and determination in action. To share in the laughter at the mishaps that come with living in a van for 36 hours, the tears that come with pushing your limits for people and a cause you love, the triumph of a leg run well. To feel the energy, the nerves, the excitement, the inspiration watching this team give it their all for a pretty great cause – one we all felt was bigger than ourselves. Motivated by the knowledge that we’re able to run because there are men willing to step into the darkness and make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, we each wore a shirt in honor of the ‘Airborne Ranger in the Sky’ on our hardest run. To remember them and their families. To honor their sacrifice.
    We’re so grateful to all of you who followed our journey, donated to an organization we love, and cheered us on. We were so honored to run for the Sua Sponte Foundation and we can only hope our race raised awareness of the great work this organization does for Rangers and families like ours. It was the race of a lifetime, and yet another reminder of why we love our Ranger community so much.
    Teammates names:
    Cassie Cercy, Mauri Fillion, Kristen Buchanan, Cybil Satterwhite, Tatum Brandt, Kaitlin Thornal