In memoriam

We salute the fallen men of the 1st Ranger Battalion, who have died serving our country. You will not be forgotten.
It has been said, that "a man never dies when his name remains spoken." We wish to keep these heroes memories alive and ensure that their sacrifice will never be forgotten. Therefore we created this space to tell each Ranger's story in a unique and more complete way. We know that these men were great Rangers, but they were also amazing fathers, sons, and brothers. Those stories should be told. Consequently, if you have a memory, photo or short story your wish to share about one of these warriors, please send an email and we can incorporate it into his page.

Sergeant Frank D. Winters

Words from a letter SGT. Winters wrote his mother…

“Never forget whatever happens to me I am a professional soldier by choice. I accept all risk and hazards of my job. I am not a little boy or naive child, although you see me as your little boy. Here I am a father to 5 other mother’s little boys. you wouldn’t even recognize me if you saw me work here.”



I remember you as a baby.
My son….my first born
Your curly red hair
Your bear hugs for mommy
My Pride and My Joy!

I remember you as a child
Your love for life
Your constant reading about
And playing “Army Man”
Such interest in the military you had!
My Pride and My Joy!

I remember you as a teenager
Always striving for physical perfection
Increasing you military knowledge
Always reading….always planning
Planning and reading about the military
Your Pride…..Your Future
My Pride …..My Joy

I remember you as a man
Working hard to succeed
To be the best RANGER you could be
Always pushing yourself and others
Always giving more than necessary
Your Pride……My Pride
Your Joys…….My Joys

I remember the day that you died
Doing what you loved
And leading from the front
All you dreams shattered
My Pride…….taken away
My Joy……….now Sadness

I remember you most of all with love.

From right to left. starting at the door.

SGT Gedler, PFC Elder (also one of our fallen comrades), SSGT Noble, PFC Frank Winters with flag, SGT Modeia, PFC Garner, and PFC Harrington. Members of 2nd squad, 2nd Platoon, C Company,

Franklin Dennis Winters was born on Aug 25, 1965, in West Palm Beach, FL.  Graduating in 1983, from John I Leonard HS in Lake Worth, FL.  While in high school, Frank participated in track and field and cross country for all four years.

Sergeant Winters enlisted in the U.S. Army and attended Basic Training at Ft. Benning, GA in November of 1983.  Frank continued at Ft Benning with his Basic Infantry Training and Basic Airborne Training.  Upon completion of the Ranger Indoctrination Program at Hunter Army Airfield in April 1984, he was assigned to Company C, of 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Infantry.  While assigned to the 1st Ranger Battalion, Frank attended and completed the following schools:  Ranger School, Demolitions, Special Operations Training Course, Scout Swimmer and Jumpmaster Course.

While serving in the 1st Ranger Battalion ,Sergeant  Winters distinguished himself as a true professional during three training exercises in California and Utah, two deployments to Honduras and other major deployments to Germany, Italy, Jordan and Puerto Rico.

Sergeant Winters awards and decorations include the Army Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, the Army Achievement Medal (Soldier of the Quarter, February 1986), the Expert Infantry Badge, Master Jump Master Wings and the Ranger Tab.

An excerpt from his Army Commendation Medal certificate reads:

” Exceptionally meritorious service while assigned to Company C, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Hunter Army Air Field, Georgia, from 15 March 1984 to 25 September 1987.  During his tenure in the unit he was selected to be a squad leader in second platoon, a duty position normally held by a Staff Sergeant.  He demonstrated superior technical skills and an exceptionally high level of personal commitment to excellence.  His outstanding performance of duty served as an inspiration to the Rangers in his squad.  Always leading from the front, Sergeant Winters never hesitated to shoulder the risk and responsibilities of training his squad.”

Frank left behind a loving mother Susan Winters, his sister Melanie Winters, and his father Dan Winters Sr..

As a note of interest, Melanie married one of Frank’s roommates, now Command Sergeant Major Paul Casey.

Click here for more information at Arlington Cemetery.

F. Winters 4F. Winters 1

We salute the fallen men of the 1st Ranger Battalion, who have died serving our country. You will not be forgotten.