How Sua Sponte Foundation Has Made a Difference

    U.S. Army Rangers and their families have their unique challenges and every journey is different.  Over the years, the Sua Sponte Foundation has continued to offer a helping hand through a variety of programs, services, events, and partnerships that fall within the Foundation’s mission.  Below is a recent sampling of how your generous donations have helped improve the lives of the Rangers and families of the 1/75.


    Like the rest of us, Army Rangers on active duty must protect themselves from COVID-19.   Here are some ways the Sua Sponte Foundations stepped in to help relieve the stress of lockdown before and after deployment:

    • Sponsored a pre-deployment BBQ for Battalion while they were quarantined.
    • Provided three catered meals for 400 Rangers after deployment while on quarantine lockdown.
    • Purchased uniforms for 1/75 Soccer Team to compete within the Savannah community.
    • Bought games like corn hole to occupy Rangers while on quarantine.

    Here are other ways we’ve helped to improve the lives of Army Rangers and their families this year:

    • Moved a combat-injured Ranger’s belongings to a hospital in San Antonio. This allowed his spouse to be with him during his extended stay.
    • Purchased a service dog for a wheelchair -bound Ranger.
    • Brought Darby wife to Hunter Army Base in Savannah for Best Ranger event.
    • Sponsored six Rangers for participation in Virginia fundraising rucking event whose directors donated more than $40K to the Sua Sponte Foundation.
    • Provided food for change-of- command ceremonies.


    Prior to the appearance of COVID-19, the Sua Sponte Foundation had an active year of engagement, providing support for 1/75 Rangers and their families.  Here is a sampling of how, with your meaningful donations, we were able to assist:


    • Assisted a Ranger veteran with expenses while getting his foot amputated.
    • Helped a family of Ranger veteran who took his life.
    • Aided Ranger spouse with moving costs when mold was discovered in their home while her husband was deployed.
    • Flew family to Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia, to witness their Ranger being honored with a Silver Star.
    • Assisted Ranger family with expenses after ETS (Expiration Term of Services), while they waited on military pay.
    • Provided accommodations for a Ranger family while their three-year- old child received medical attention.
    • Provided transportation for spouse to visit Ranger husband at Walter Reed Hospital.
    • Assisted with expenses when Ranger veteran’s spouse fell and was unconscious.
    • Assisted wounded- in-action Ranger and family with travel, food, and lodging.
    • Assisted Ranger with flight expenses to attend Grandfather’s funeral.

    Activities, events and sponsorships:

    • Provided monthly landscaping services for the 1st Ranger Battalion Memorial.
    • Sponsored a Ranger Combative Team.
    • Sponsored Ranger Shooting Team.
    • Rented several busses for Rangers to attend a retreat with Battalion Chaplin.
    • Supported the 45th 1/75 Anniversary.
    • Sponsored A Co reunion.
    • Held a “welcome home” pizza party for deployed Rangers.
    • Purchased tickets for a Gold Star family to attend a Ranger Gala.
    • Provided tickets, transportation and food for 90 Rangers to attend an Atlanta Hawks game.
    • Allocated and purchased discounted and donated products from patriotic vendors in the US for a deployment care package for the Rangers.Volunteers assembled individual care packages in the Battalion before care packages were sent overseas.